Who We Are

Broken Heart Ministries is a a non-denominational, Christ-centered ministry. We are 501(c) (3) non-profit organization which reaches out to broken and hurting people with the gospel message of salvation.

Broken Heart Ministries began with God’s call to bring His unfailing love and hope to broken people. His call became clear as we began to minister in prisons, homeless shelters, nursing homes and chemical dependency treatment centers. We have expanded to administering God’s grace in Juvenile detention centers. Last year Broken Heart Ministries had over 250 programs, 100 of these programs were at the Hennepin Juvenile Detention Center. This is the heart of Broken Heart Ministries today

God has called us…
• To be Christ-like and to follow Jesus in His ministry of compassion.
• To be Jesus in the flesh to hurting, broken and dying people who so desperately need God’s love, peace, hope and forgiveness.
• To take the truth of God’s Word and the light of salvation into this dark world and to touch people with the Gospel of Peace.
• To share life with the lost, to bind those who are bruised and broken and to show people the love of God in Jesus Christ.

Young people with no meaning in their lives are making wrong decisions. Broken Heart Ministries is there to bring hope and God’s unconditional love where there was no hope before. Every week we see young boys and girls respond with their hearts to the Gospel message, committing their lives to Christ. Juvenile detention centers have become our major focus because these young people have their whole lives ahead of them. It’s not too late for them to turn their lives around.